Using Git Log

git log —stat

If you’d like to see the number of changes in each file, add the –stat option.

git log —since=“3 weeks ago” —until=“yesterday”

Git log also provides an intuitive way to provide a date range, with —since and —until options.

git log -p

With the -p option, git log will show patches of each of the commits.

git log —graph

Git log with the —graph option prints a graph along the left edge to show branches of the repository.

The stars in the graph show which branch the commits are on.

The full command for the graph screenshot above is:

git log --graph --stat --pretty=short

The repository used in the graph example is the git repository itself. You can clone it here:

git clone git://

The repository used for the first two examples are from Drupal. You can also clone drupal:

git clone --branch 7.x