Chapter 3: Insert Mode

Make corrections without leaving Insert mode

  • c-w delete last word
  • c-u delete back to beginning of sentence.

Paste from register without leaving Inser mode

  • C-r{register} paste from register

So you can yank some text in Normal mode, type A to start in insert mode at the end of the line, and type C-r0 to paste what you just yanked.


There is a later chapter that covers autocomplete goodness, but I should mention the simple form.

  • C-n autocomplete

this autocompletes from current buffer, all open buffers and CTAGS.

Jump to the end of the line

This is a new keymapping I thought of just now!

  • inoremap <C-e> <C-o>A

This remaps Ctrl-e to jump to end of the line, while you’re in insert mode. Granted, this is what is known as mixing metaphors, as C-e is an emacs shortcut. But it’s also one of my favorites.

inoremap <C-a> <C-o>I

Would add the opposite emacs shortcut to jump to the beginning of the line.