The 10x Challenge is a challenge to play 10 games 10 times in one year. It is intended to encourage playing a small set of games more deeply, rather than the current norm of playing a new game every week.

10x in 2019

This is my 2019 progress.

1. Mr Cabbagehead’s garden 10/10
2. That’s Pretty Clever 10/10
3. the Quacks of Quedlinberg 10/10
4. Orleans 10/10
5. Wingspan 10/10
6. Pax Pamir 9/10
7. Nusfjord 8/10
8. A Feast for Odin 7/10
9. Arboretum 7/10
10. Altiplano 6/10


I did the normal challenge and made many changes. I started with Troyes, my #1 game, in the 10x but was not able to get that to the table 10 times. Also had Gugong and Auztralia on here, but also not able to play those 10 times.