Win Conditions

  • 30 VP

when someone scores 30vp then game ends immediately and they are the winner.

  • Dominance Cards

when someone who has placed a Dominance Card, has the fulfilled the Dominance requirements at the start of their turn, Bird Song, they are the winner.


  • Each clearing has a suit: Fox, Rabbit or Mouse
  • Each clearing has slots for 1 to 3 buildings.
  • Ruler of the Clearing

Clearings are ruled by the faction with the most warriors + buildings. Tokens and pawns to not count.

  • Slots marked with an “R”, are reserved for ruins,

when a ruin is explored and empty it is removed from the board and it’s vacated slot is available for a new building.

  • Adjacency

a clearing is adjacent to any clearing linked by a single path.


To craft items, you must use a crafting spot in each requisite clearing, you can only use each crafting spot once per turn.

  • Items

an item must be available to craft it.

  • Permanent effects


  • a player can move any number of warriors and pawns in a single movement
  • a player must rule either the clearing it’s going to or coming from.


  • when battling the player chooses a clearing where it has warriors or a pawn
  • the players chooses a faction in the clearing to attack
  • Defender may ambush

play an ambush and deal 2 hits

  • Attacker may counter-ambush

play an ambush card and cancel ambush

  • Roll Dice and Add Extra Hits

the attacker gets the high die, the defender gets the low die. (Exception is Woodland Alliance, they get the high die on defense.)

  • Max Rolled Hits

the maximum rolled hits are the number of warriors in the clearing (in vagabonds case it’s number of undamaged swords in his satchel.)

  • Defenseless

if attacking defenseless, deal one extra hit. This means no warriors in clearing, just tokens and buildings. The Vagabond is defenseles if he has no undamaged swords.

  • Dealing Hits

Hits are simulataneous. Warriors are removed first. The person taking hits selects what to remove but must remove warriors first.

  • Score one Victory Points for each buidling and token removed

How to Score Points

  • Remove an opponents cardboard (buildings, tokens) 1 vp
  • Craft Items 1-3 vp

Each item crafted has an associated vp reward. But they can only be crafted if there is an item available on the board.

  • Eyrie
    • Score 1 points during evening for each roost, after first, on board
  • Marquise
    • Score points by building sawmills, recruiters, workshops
  • Woodland Alliance
    • Score points for placing Sympathy Tokens on the board

Must not be in a clearing that already has a ST, if not only ST placed, must be adjacent to sympathetic clearing.

  • Vagabond
    • Scores points for completing Quests
    • Scores points for removing hostile warriors

Explain Factions

  • Marquise, the building empire
    • Birdsong

each birdsong your sawmills produce wood. - Daylight: - First you can craft any cards in your hand - You can select 3 moves (do any multiple): battle, move 2x, build, overwork one sawnill - Evening

Draw one card plus bonus draws

  • the Eyrie, the rigid decree
  • Woodland Alliance
  • Vagabond

Must exhaust at least one item per action.